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The Saints Project is a photo series of Catholic saints portrayed by everyday people bringing focus to the true role models of our world.
-THE COMMUNITY: The Saints Project aims to involve the community by using “average” people in its portrayals. Unlike paintings or self portraiture, The Saints Project calls people to stand in the shoes of a real Saint. To create unity during the creative process but also to bring us into communion with the saints of the past.
-THE STYLE: The visual intent is to create images in a style we are used to seeing in todays world. Photo manipulation is everywhere and The Saints Project is no different, using modern and relevant photoshop techniques, the look of the project fits in with the world, but is not of the world.
-THE CALLING: The Saints Project calls us to not only strive for sainthood by the guidance from the saints, but also to diligently seek out our unique and specific calling designed by God just for us. Each saints mission was created for them and could only be fulfilled by them, given their talents, passions and personality they sought to glorify God by being themselves. We are no different.
“Sanctify yourself, and you will sanctify society" - St. Francis of Assisi